M City Mississauga- realizing your dreams

M City Mississauga- realizing your dreams

M City condos are the new development of the condos community in the downtown Mississauga. This new project boasts of changing the face of square one, a very popular mall in the same vicinity, by giving it an altogether modernized touch. It also states of changing the way downtown skyline looks today.


What makes M City Condos a dream place

Mississauga’s future depends on living today and M City condos project is making every effort to make this true. With its state of the art architecture and preference to nature and contemporary lifestyle, M City is definitely a place many people dream of. The project will have more than 2 acres of public parks. It will also have European style outdoor spaces for patios. These condos will have different types of units. All these units will promise the utmost luxury and a lifestyle at the utmost higher end. M City condos are a project that is being looked upon as the biggest hit in Mississauga which happens to be the sixth largest city in Canada.

Your dream in the heart of downtown Mississauga:

MCity condos will be located at a large piece of land in the heart of downtown Mississauga. It will be situated at Burnhamthorpe Road west and confederation pkwy. To the west of this project is situated pinnacle international’s grand park 1 and grand park 2 projects.


M City condos are a huge project comprising of 10 condominium master- planned community. Each tower will have an amazing architecture which will speak of the landmark designs of Roger groups which are famous for their out of the world work. The interiors of each unit have been done by Cecconi Simone with architectures by CORE architects. It is said that the tallest condominium will be mighty 51 storeys tall. There will be altogether 6500 residential units divided among 10 buildings. 2 acres of land will be purely put away for parks and 15 acres of land will be allotted for re-development purposes.

The construction is likely to get started somewhere around late 2017 and 2018. The first phase of the construction will include around 500 units. This project sounds very similar to Amacon’s Parkside Village projects. There will be a total of 6500 residential suites ensuring a lifestyle at the higher end of luxury.

The best thing about this project is a number of types of residential units. The price will range from $200000 to $700000 and the total cost will be around 1.5 billion dollars.


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